Dat ben ik (That's me!) De wachtkamer (The waitingroom): Voices of children in dutch refugee centres; Inspiratie Inc ism. De Vrolijkheid

Director, Editor, Cinematography: Amin Mueller

Producer: Amal Abbass-Saal, Stichting Inspiratie Inc ism. Stichting de Vrolijkheid

Special thanks to all the named and un-named Children, Young People and Parents participating in this film: Gunel, Emmanuela, Elham, Sabina, Soheil, Jeela, Amir, Muna, Abbas, Diana, Mohammad, Amani, Farhad, Zara, Marwa, Farid, Ornella, Gabriel

Special thanks also to Karin Klosterboer, researcher for Unicef;s: Child in Dutch Refugee camps (KIND IN HET AZC) for her support in achieving the goal of (dutchspeaking) children to join local schools in Almere....

Inspiratie Inc continues to support the voice and human right of children in refugee camps and there is still much to be done.

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