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About Inspiratie-inc

Stichting Inspiratie Inc. develops creative forms for social entrepreneurship, participation and co-operation, and for the power of diversity. The foundation focuses on everyone who seeks an active place in society: children, young people, adults and the elderly, with different backgrounds, culture, religion, and social status. The goal is to find new forms in which everyone can participate and contribute positively. It is about inspiring and activating, and creating places together that feel like a new home.

The activities aim to inspire and activate people to get connected with others, and to purposely build valuable relationships. Especially the encounters between people from different parts of the world are important in this regard; the methods used are developed in collaboration with people from all over the world, based on actual experiences with refugees, self-government organizations, art organizations, neighborhood initiatives, organizations and companies.

Through inclusive and equal work, everyone is welcome and no one is excluded. Inspiration Inc. works result-oriented and bottom-up. The projects have a positive effect on how people know each other; the creative approach promotes social cohesion and equal opportunities, while providing an anchor and support.

The diversity of people and the personal differences actually provide strength. When everyone is able to fully utilize their own talents and powers, no challenge is too big. Inspiration Inc. works towards a world in which this may be the new norm.

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