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Every first Wednesday of every month from 10:00 - 11:00, we hold a so-called Participants Council meeting, also known as a sounding board, in BuurT-Thuis Karibu.

This provides an opportunity to talk with each other about the ins and outs of Inspiration Inc. Here everything can be discussed: wishes and needs in terms of activities, how we deal with each other, the design of the BuurT-Thuis, lunches, etc. In this way we ensure that we stay tuned to each other and we increase the connection with each other.

Every one is welcome during this discussion!



  • the members represent the participants / clients / volunteers of the foundation, within reason
  • the members are reasonably able to represent the common interests of the clients

The first Executive Committee has been appointed by the board, but does not act as a voice for the director.
The executive committee consists of 3 people.


Chairman Rethab Al Shibil has now been transferred to Jolanda Gjaltema.
Her task is to lead the meeting, with the main task of maintaining peace and order, and ensuring that everyone can have a say.

Secretary Matthijs de Goedehas now been transferred to Grace.
He distributes the agenda 2 weeks before the next meeting. He also provides an event report and writes the minutes of the meeting. Ready within 2 weeks of the meeting. No names are mentioned in the minutes, unless it is necessary.

The primary task of the first executive committee is to recruit members. After installation, the executive committee has a meeting with the directors Amal Abbass-Saal and Rutger Schuitenmaker. Information is shared, but decisions cannot be taken yet.

The executive committee draws up the agendas together and is the first point of contact with the director.

The other members may be nominated by the directors and the members of the executive committee may reject the nomination without discussion. The executive committee is authorized to appoint its own members without consulting the directors.


The Participants Council meets once a month (a so-called internal meeting).

Once a month, the Executive Committee has a brief consultation moment with the director (sharing information, no decision-making). A Consultation Meeting takes place every other month in the presence of the board or the spokesperson for the board. The agenda is drawn up jointly two weeks in advance in the Prior Consultation.

A representative of the Supervisory Board is also invited every six months to join the internal meeting.

The participants council represents the common interests of participants. It is therefore important that everyone, participants and employees, knows about the existence of the participants council. The participantscouncil is visible on the website

The cooperation agreement contains the working arrangements between the participants council and the board of directors, such as agreements on the consultation meeting, the powers of the participants council and how to deal with disputes.

The participants council works with a work plan. This describes the points that the participants council considers important, and which topics will receive priority in the coming year.

The rules of procedure state the operating procedure of the participants council and who represents the participants council within and outside the foundation. The rules of procedure are mandatory according to the Wmcz article 2.4 and are drawn up by the participants council.

From the point of view that we as volunteers / participants are a good reflection of the multicultural society and consist of hundreds of people, it is important that our opinion counts in the decisions that are taken. We want to assist our board not only with actions but also with advice. Our wish is to think proactively. Because of this shift in thinking, I think that there will be even greater involvement. This makes us not only employees, but we are really being seen.

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