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When everyone uses their own talents brought forward from their own cultures, and according to personal abilities actively contribute to projects that we think up together, we will inspire each other into fantastic results.

That is why:

  • we set up neighborhood gardens with parents, young people and children from all cultures, thus creating impressive garden architectures and natural play elements with plants from all over the world
  • with our harvest we cook dishes from all over the world with older people, parents and children
  • young people design and make theatre costumes and decors with artists
  • talented musicians from all over the world compose and play songs, which they perform together with singing children from all over Almere
  • women from all cultures express their stories in a shared dance
  • and so much more!

This is what we call our ‘Intercultural, Multi Generation methodology’.

So if

  • you (or your family) are from the Netherlands or not,
  • you are young or old,
  • you are challenged and/or talented,
  • unemployed or available for one afternoon,
  • reintegrated or retired
  • you speak Dutch, Arabic or Spanish,
  • you want to be creative, or do an administrative job or work with children,

In the Inspiratie Inc communities there is always space for you to develop your talents!

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