Tom Abbass-Saal
Tom Saal

I have been working with art and people for many years and I am mainly committed to making this accessible for children and young people; especially where this is perhaps less obvious. I am a father to at least 3 children.

My personal preference is working in wood, especially wood that has its own story. By using old decaying pieces, or the roots and striking wood grains, I can combine my own design with what nature has already created. This is an exciting and creative process that I enjoy immensely.

I also work with other materials, do sandbag constructions, and graphic design. I am the national coordinator for Stichting de Vrolijkheid and advisor for Stichting Inspiratie-Inc.

Voor foto’s van mijn werk kijk op mijn Facebook.

Youssou Ngom

I was born in Dakar, Senegal. I belong to the Griots, masters of the oral traditions, telling stories to music. Music is in my blood, and music is the heart of our culture. At the age of 12 I started learning to play our traditional musical instruments such as the Djembe, Sabar and Doundoun. I became a much sought-after artist for weddings, name ceremonies and other parties.

Every week I also supported the dance and music events of the local disabled people, together with my group Le n'gomez. Over the years I have developed my own style and I write my own songs, the clips of which are broadcast on the local Senegalese television.

Now I live in Almere and I want to convey my passion for music and dance to you.

Johanna Braunlich

Artist Johanna Braunlich works in three different disciplines: ceramics, painting and drawing. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2006, and in her studio in the Hulk building in Almere Haven she creates hand turned porcelain, and does reduction firing with self-mixed glazes. She also makes large ceramic works of art and sculptures for public spaces.

Since 2015, Johanna has worked with great dedication and love as a ceramics teacher at Stichting Inspiratie-Inc, where she shares her passion and skill every Friday at BuurT-Thuis Jan Steen with anyone eager to learn.

Bertina Slettenhaar

"From the age of 4 I always work with patches, threads, color and texture. My inescapable passion got an unprecedented range of new possibilities with felting: felt connects, heals and amazes ... My inexhaustible sources of inspiration are the ornamentation in nature with its grandeur and detail and which is shaped by human hands in cultures."

Bertina completed a textile art study in 1988 at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. In 1987 she started Maatschap Teatral, focused on textile design in the broadest sense of the word. From folding screen to corporate clothing, from wedding dress to theater clothing, from fabrics to silk-screen printing. Bertina started her work at Stichting Inspiratie-Inc with coordinating a number of impressive community art mosaics at the asylum seekers center in Almere, and has an advisory function. She also supports the design and technical fineness of the theatrical children's and stilt clothing for Stichting Inspiratie-Inc.

Tanya Zymoglyadova

I studied computer graphics design at the Computer Academy "Step" in Ukraine. For my work as a 3D designer I worked for a computer game design agency and for an interior designer.

From 1993 to 1996 I studied at the University of Humanities for art marketer. It is always fun to make something beautiful that others appreciate, such as the flyers and graphic documents from Inspiratie-Inc. Good feedback about my work makes me happy.

Chareita Smit-Gajadhar

I am of Surinamese Hindustani origin, and my interest in Indian culture has led me to study Indian dance and yoga.

I have learned Odissi, the classical Indian temple dance, partially in India and I have been practicing this dance for 25 years now. I perform solo and with my students.

Hmayak Azatyan

I enjoy making my art with edible materials visible and I enjoy new challenges, such as the "Dining with Status" project, which I developed in collaboration with Sandra Manintveld in recent years.

Mona Nejad

I am Mona. I work as a volunteer in Akwaaba.

I am a hairdresser and I would like to gain experience with the Dutch hair styles. I also worked on the spring tree and the snow queen, together with other participants.

Sameena Khan

Theater maker

My aim in creating artistic projects is to look for connections and differences between the people taking part and the subject we are discovering together. In my work I like to highlight our commonalities as well as the uniqueness of our differences. Working as a community artist allows me to be challenged and inspired by all that a diverse group of people can bring to a discourse. I always try to visually represent as broadly as possible and enjoy pulling visual, cultural and habitual references from all corners of the world. Fundamental to my way of creating is to work from within and encourage people to express themselves freely. In preparation for a production I will take the time to work in a multilayered way with my group. Taking one subject we will look at it together from an artistic, psychological and cultural perspective. I often use methods of storytelling, puppetry, movement and creative expression to communicate to each other. We all lead each other towards new discoveries and understandings and this generally makes for a visually and sensually engaging theatre production.

My training as an art historian and in the more recent past as a theatre director have allowed me to work within many different institutions and be engaged with a broad cross section of society. I continue to be fascinated by people and looking for ways of making contact between seemingly differing groups. This often becomes a key feature in my work.

Within my career I have been lucky enough to work with the Tropenmuseum, Het huis van Aristoteles, Stichting De Vrolijkheid, Museum de Paviljoens and of course Inspiratie-Inc.

Amin Muller
Editor at TCO London
Lance Penez
Kawsu Tabally

For years I have been working with all sorts of techniques for coloring fabrics: batik, tie-dye and other traditions from my native country Gambia. I greatly enjoy to transfer these techniques to children and young people in the Netherlands, and allowing room for their own applications. Aside from that, I also like to create my own work.

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