Social and sustainable entrepreneurship


We share one common dream: an inclusive, sustainable society, supported by everyone according to their means.

All of u are citizens of the world


There is something that connects us all: the dignity of being human.

All of us are citizens of the world


The dignity of the human person is inherent in all of us.
We are all equal. Every human being deserves justice and should act in the same spirit.

All of us are citizens of the world

Fondation Inspiratie Inc. (Inc for Incorporation and In Netherlands Communities) is for everyone looking for an active place in society. We develop new forms of social entrepreneurship, in which the diversity of people with different languages, cultures, ages and beliefs is central.

We offer individual help and support through creative problem-solving, in order to increase the possibilities for everyone. It is about inspiring and activating, and about creating places together that feel like a new home. When everyone can fully utilize their own talents and powers, no challenge is too big. Inspiratie Inc. works towards a world in which this may be the new norm.

our cooperations

Almere regional cooperative

Connected with Inspiratie Inc

Organizations and individuals are warmly invited to connect with each other, based on the Almeere principles in order to create an inclusive society together.

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Cooperative ‘excluded liability’
Connected through food

We focus on food from a circular perspective. Food unites people, circularly. But the food chain is also circular. Healthy food provides for a healthy planet, healthy people with healthy household incomes and a healthy economy..

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Cooperative ‘excluded liability’
Where empowerment is needed

We believe in cooperation. People need a little push, a guiding hand, the key code to the Dutch labor market and entrepreneurship. By offering training and additional services we are going to help new Dutch people to quickly prove their value here.

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Cooperative ‘excluded liability’

An international, sustainable and circular village on two hectares of land in Oosterwold (Almere), with three residential buildings and a community building with restaurant. A place where people can visit, but also live, work and, above all, develop themselves.


Care cooperative
with one wish

"If you are healthy, you have a thousand wishes; if you are sick, you only have one". We are going to care with and for young people, with and for the elderly, with and for real people with their real problems of today.

Connected with Inspiratie Inc

and Almere Regional Cooperative

Our initiatives are not isolated, because from the experiences of Inspiratie-Inc we are now working hard on an ecosystem of cooperatively connected organizations. Within this system, refugees and other new Dutch people, with their unique qualities, are able to connect more quickly with the Dutch economy and society, and respond faster to what is needed.

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A wide range of creative activities, such as specific weekly courses in the fields of visual art, music and theatre, as well as more project-based activities where we work together on a larger project (community art). There is also room for individual work (with guidance if needed).

Cooking and eating together; this stems from the need of participants who indicate that they wish (to learn) to cook new dishes within their limited budget.

Activities centered around socialization and rebuilding lives: working on rehabilitation supports the participant’s recovery. We work on this by being here for our participants and focusing on discovering, specifying and strengthening their talents and possibilities in the environment.

In this way we support active independence in society.


Community Homes

BuurT-Thuis Karibu

BuurT-Thuis Akwaaba

BuurT-Thuis Khalili

BuurT-Thuis Diamondiaal

BuurT-Thuis Karibu

BuurT-Thuis Akwaaba

buurt-thuis Akwaaba

BuurT-Thuis Khalili

buurt-thuis khalili

BuurT-Thuis Diamondiaal

buurt-thuis diamondiaal


The work of Inspiratie-Inc is made possible thanks to the involvement of all of the artists, entrepreneurs, volunteers and participants, but also thanks to funds which are made available.

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Gebiedscoöperatie Almere U.A.
(Almere Region Cooperative ‘excluded liability’)
All citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations are expressly invited to join and connect with the cooperative.

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