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The ‘Diamondiaal’ project is carried out by Inspiratie Inc., a non-profit organisation located in Almere, The Netherlands. The aspiration to develop a sustainable and circular community arises from the values promoted by the organisation, namely cooperation and participation, while supporting diversity and citizen empowerment. The long-term goal is to achieve a sustainable and self-sufficient living by drawing from the principles of circularity and providing space for expression of initiatives by inhabitants, in a multicultural context. The development of Diamondiaal takes place within the municipality of Almere in Almere Oosterwold. Inspiratie inc has reserved 2 ha to Inspiratie Inc. for implementing their vision of the intercultural and global village ‘Diamondiaal’. On this parcel, land is assigned to various purposes and activities.

Diamondiaal combines social housing for ca. 80 people with social enterprising opportunities. This will be developed and managed by housing co-op Diamondiaal. The central piece of land is devoted to the building of a community centre, where catering, educational and childcare facilities will be installed, alongside ateliers for artists and other community facilities. This space is open not only to residents, but also to the general public.

Inspiratie Inc. commissioned the Wageningen University Science Shop to provide expertise, which extend the resources, enthusiasm and creativity in place with a sound analysis and study of the potential solutions for sustainable techniques relating to energy, water and food production that complement each other and function in a circular way. In these systems, the outputs of one is an input for the other, and vice versa. Supporting interconnections between these systems is the first step for a circular community, with enables partially self-sufficient inhabitants to produce their own energy through renewable resources.

We are at the beginning of a journey with multiple partners, such as the Kansfonds, Gemeente Almere en Stefan van Uffelen (MVO Nederland). Our work is the stepping stone for further investigation of creating a sustainable and circular community in Almere.

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