The BostuinTafel Coöperatie U.A. (the ForestgardenTable Cooperation) has been founded to share the cultural wealth of food diversity and hospitality of the New Dutch with neighborhoods, communities, companies and institutions in the region of Almere, the Netherlands and far beyond. After all, we are all connected by food, because every man needs to eat in order to live. Yet, as a world society, we allow for large numbers of people to live on tiny amounts of food.

We want that to be different

For ourselves, our fellow humans, and for those we had to leave behind. None of us need to deny the flavor richness of the kitchens that are familiar and dear to us. All of us can enjoy the culinary splendor and diversity that we have brought to the Netherlands. Food is the carrier of health: healthy food for a healthy planet, healthy people with healthy household incomes and a healthy economy. As such BostuinTafel uses a circular perspective. We are inspired by the permaculture principles, which offer a circular economy model that not only feeds people sustainably but also respects the planet. And we are circular because food unites people. Food is to be shared, to feed and to be celebrated. ‘Inclusive' is central to everything we do. We make food inclusive: with appreciation for the soil, for living nature that produces our food, the supplier of labor and quality, the environment and each other. Every one is welcome at the table, thanks to the time honored tradition of hospitality, carried here by all of us. There is always an additional plate set out for the unexpected and welcome guest.

We start out small, in Almere, where we first met

Here we are developing a prototype which we plan to implement within Europe and far beyond. Inspiratie Inc, with over 8 years experience, is giving us a helping hand. Together, as cooperating organizations, we are creating a better future for all of us.

BostuinTafel offers:

  • Take-away meals
  • Interactive meals with music, at one of our locations
  • Or at a location of your choice
  • And so much more…

Please contact us to discuss your wishes:
Sandra Manintveld
Phone: 06 1460 3782

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Odeonstraat 580
1325 AL Almere Stad
Telephone: +31 36 5258775

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Chamber of Commerce nr. 50226428
RSIN nr: 8226.21.502
VAT nr. 822621502

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