Mother Earth project

Project Kid and Inspiratie Inc are proud to announce the theatrical culmination of a year long artistic and cultural investigation into the mythological character Mother Earth.

For many “mother earth” belongs to ancient times and rituals gone by. With much love and care under guidance of theatermaker Sameena Khan the children & families from the refugee centre of Almere & their many artistic friends have been able to take aspects of this and mix it with own ideas and create a Mother earth and that is relevant to every living beings past, present and future living today. We would really enjoy sharing these discoveries with you. Please join us on an intimate and interactive journey that takes you playfully and emotionally through a pilgrimage with mother earth and her children. This experience will tantalize your senses and leave an impression on your heart. So walk with us in through this outdoor expedition and let yourself be carried through the rich imagination of all of the artists, nature lovers, citizens of Almere young and old and citizens of this world that have contributed to this project.

On July 10th Mother Earth and her children will be waiting to share this adventure with you. There will be two performances: 11.30 am and 14:30 pm.


Both performances will take approximately 90 minutes and will involve a fair amount of walking through forest area. Please be aware that tickets at a cost of 15 Euro per person are strictly limited, and in order to guarantee a place you will be advised to email as soon as possible. Please include the amount of tickets you wish to reserve, the time that you wish to see the play, your telephone number and you’re name. On our website you can pay in advance stating your full name as a payment reference & the words “mother earth”. An invoice will be send per e-mail, if you request this.

As it is an outdoor performance, we reserve the right to reschedule the performance on the morning of Sunday July 10th in the case of severe weather conditions. In this case you have the option of a full re-fund an another performance date.

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