Where people work together as well as possible, mistakes can happen and misunderstandings arise. If you are dissatisfied with one of our employees, with our services or with any aspect of our organization, we expressly invite you to let us know as soon as possible. We take your comments very seriously and we are happy to find a suitable solution. Our complaints procedure has the following steps:

1. Open conversation with the person concerned
Often it is best to resolve complaints during a good conversation with the person concerned at a quiet moment. We therefore request that you first contact the person concerned for an appointment to discuss your complaint.

2. Open conversation with coordinator
If this does not work or if you do not want this, you can also contact us for an appointment with the relevant project or location coordinator from Inspiratie Inc. He or she can arrange a joint conversation with you, the person concerned and the coordinator as a discussion leader, or a conversation with you alone.

3. Formal written complaints procedure
If your problem has not yet been resolved, you can only formally submit the complaint in writing to the Executive Board of Inspiration Inc via .

Then one or more members of the EB will first contact you to discuss what is going on and how the complaint can be solved. You will receive a message within six weeks about the handling of the complaint. If for whatever reason it is not possible to do this within six weeks, you will be notified. Then the six-week period can be extended once by 4 weeks.

If you are not satisfied after this, you can go to our independent counselor and then to the complaints committee, see the complaints regulations of the care complaints portal, to which Inspiratie Inc has become a member.

Of course we hope for a good relationship and cooperation!

The Executive Board of Inspiratie Inc


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