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Almere Poort is a special district; the first houses were only completed in 2008 and the development continues at a steady pace. Almere Poort offers a growing number of amenities, ample space and affordable houses. It was a great opportunity for Inspiratie inc to show its expertise in actively engaging communities in our way of work.

In the middle of Cascadepark, a large field, you see an unusual shape… Is it a big rock? A meteorite? No, it’s a round house, also known as the sandbag pavilion (Zandzakken paviljoen), built by the people living around the park and several refugee communities. We can see a front door, some windows and even a small garden around the house, where flowers and mint for tea is growing, ready to be consumed...

In 2016/17 we worked on improving the waterproofing of this 5 metre high community building and we carried out about 42 workshops, for example with pupils from the Groenhorst college, but also with Stichting Kim, Ons Cascadepark and other local partners.

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Odeonstraat 580
1325 AL Almere Stad
Telephone: +31 36 5258775

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