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Inspiratie Inc works with a number of Support Assistants, Project Coordinators and Teachers.

The executing team consists, amongst others, of:

  1. Ali Abdulle (SKJ Registered youth & family coach)
  2. Moula Serghini (SKJ Registered Youth & Family Coach)
  3. Amal Abbass-Saal (Sand Play graduate, Child / Youth & Family psychotherapist)
  4. Rethab Al Shibil - Associated Degree - (also in training for Youth & Family Professional through EVC Trajectory)
  5. Madhat Kataf - (also in training for Youth & Family Professional through EVC Trajectory)
  6. Ahlem Khadroui (translation and intake conversations, working with parents)
  7. Aart Zandbergen - (also in training for Youth & Family Professional through EVC Trajectory)
  8. Narges Ali Reza
  9. Sandra Anijs - (also in training for Youth & Family Professional through EVC Trajectory)
  10. Heuria Boukhichou (children's coach in training, rich experience with parents and children, collaboration with schools)
  11. Richard Hendrix (trainer)
  12. Monique Faase (pedagogue, theater and music teacher)
  13. Fernand Crijns (pedagogue)
  14. Sara Khanoom (qualified social worker)

The following professionals have been asked to supplement the project team with expert input per case:

15. Aram Hasan psychiatrist, trauma psychotherapist, expert transcultural psychiatry NVvP,

The additional use of SKJ reg employees is guaranteed in the contracting cooperation agreement and assignment agreement.

16. Drs. Jeanine Molina MSc (GZ psychologist, supervisor, trainer)
17. Roxanne Warring MSc (psychologist and transcultural system therapist)

Roxane Warring is a psychologist and (transcultural) system therapist. She also works as a trainer and (guest) teacher in the field of systems and culture. At RINO Amsterdam she enjoys teaching System Therapy. She is co-author of the book Verschillen Omarmen (2018), a completely revised version of the book 'Transculturele Vaardigheden voor Therapeuten' by Nel Jessurun from 2010. Finally, as a neighborhood psychologist she looks transculturally systemically at the neighborhoods in Rotterdam West for the residents' organization It is free of care and develops, together with local residents, informal support structures around psychological problems.

After her studies in education and developmental psychology at Erasmus University, Roxane has gained work experience as a sociotherapist (medical daycare center and guest house), youth protector and family guardian and family group carer. At this last job she fell for system therapy and thanks to the Collective for Transcultural Therapists and Moleman Mental Health she has found her specialization in this. She particularly understands (and experiences with) gloom, fear, breaking patterns, trauma, (composite) families, sexuality, (gender) identity, migration, 'cultural' (family) problems, mourning, loss and domestic violence. (mental and physical abuse, neglect, abuse). Since 2011 she has been training professionals about domestic violence.

Jessurun, Nel & Warring, Roxane (2018). Differences Embrace: Transcultural Systemic Work. Coutinho: Bussum.

18. Dr. Arif Qaderdan (psychiatrist)
19. Drs. Said Essatibi (GZ psychologist and psychotherapist)
20. Vanessa Wenners-Lo-A-Njoe (Orthopedagogue of the Public Health and Safety Knowledge Center of GGD Hollands Noorden)
21. Rachel Thompson BSc (pedagogue)
22. Dick Matsen - Childhood Youth & Psychotherapist, BIC reg.
23. Tabouthsie Dundas - GZ psychologist; Experienced Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Skilled in Dutch, English, EMDR, Mindfullness, Intercultural Psychology. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychological Testing, Psychology, and Psychiatry. Strong healthcare services professional graduated from VU University and the RINO Amsterdam. (post-doc)
24. Cooperation agreement / Self-employment with EXPLORA, Autopedagoog: C.M. Drenthe is registered in the BIG government register as a Healthcare psychologist (GZ psychologist). She is also a registered PSYCHOLOGIST NIP and Child and Youth Psychologist at NIP.

(Dutch Institute of Psychologists) and registered Orthopedagoog Generalist resp. Clinical Pedagogue at the NVO, affiliated with the Werkverband Eigen Praktijk, and the NVO Werkverband Onderwijsbegeleiding. EXPLORA is a member of KLIK-Drenthe.

For more actively involved advisers see also the Advisory Board of Inspiratie Inc.

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