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Inspiratie Inc works with a number of Support Assistants, Project Coordinators and Teachers.

The executing team consists, amongst others, of:

  1. Zamire Saltzherr (BIG registered GZ psychologist)
  2. Amal Abbass-Saal (certified Zandspeel, Children/Youth & Family psychotherapist)
  3. Cheyenne LaCroes MSc (health scientist, transcultural system therapist in training)
  4. Ahlem Khadroui (translator and intake interviewer, works with parents)
  5. Heuria Boukhichou (children’s coach in training, wealth of experience with parents and children, cooparating with schools) 
  6. Richard Hendrix (trainer) 
  7. Eddy Pattipeilohy (sports and family coach)
  8. Monique Faase (educator, music and theatre teacher)
  9. Sandra Manintveld (professional caterer and trainer) 
  10. Sara Khanoom (certified social worker)

The following professionals have been asked to supplement the project team with expert input per case: 

  11. Dr. Glenn Helberg (transcultural children & youth psychiatrist) 
  12. Drs. Jeanine Molina  (GZ psychologist, supervisor, trainer) 
  13. Roxanne Warring MSc (psychologist and transcultural system therapist)
  14. Dr. Arif Qaderdan (psychiatrist)
  15. Drs. Said Essatibi (GZ psychologist and psychotherapist)
  16. Vanessa Wenners-Lo-A-Njoe (Orthopedagoog of Kenniscentrum Publieke Gezondheid en Veiligheid  GGD Hollands Noorden)
  17. Rachel Thompson BSc (educator)

For more actively involved advisers see also the Advisory Board of Inspiratie Inc. 

Would you also like to join our cooperative team? 
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