Inspiratie Inc is a volunteer organization. But because many are participants in one activity, and volunteers or even coordinators in other activities, we prefer to call ourselves 'participants'.

In project groups we create and organize activities together, we maintain the buildings and gardens, organize parties, prepare lunches, and so much more: all of this with each other and for each other. In doing so, we discover our talents, inspire each other and learn from each other. Anyone who wants to do something can work with us according to talents and skills, and find a suitable place in our community and network. Where necessary we will guide you, and we will always inspire you!

If you want to volunteer, do an internship or just want to participate in an activity, come along, preferably on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Or you can call the reception in the morning for an appointment. We are regularly looking for specific volunteers, our vacancies can be found in the vacaturebank van de VMCA.

Is there nothing that appeals to you? 
Then come and see us, we'd love to hear your ideas!


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